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Duty's Uptown Bar & Grill
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Majic 95.1!
Party on St. Patrick's Day and beyond with Majic 95.1! We're iinviting you to Duty's Uptown Bar & Grill (or as we are saying: "O'Duty's Uptown Bar and Grill") off Dupont road behind Casa's!   Join us Wednesday the 17th!  We'll be there live starting the party early at 4pm giving away U2 CD's (they're from Ireland...) followed by the Freak Brothers at 8!!  Come back Thursday night for Nate Holley, Goodnight Gracie on Friday and Rosemary Gates Saturday!   St' Patrick's Day and beyond from O'Duty's Uptown Bar and Grill and Majic 95.1!!